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portrait sessions


Photographing people is something I’ve been doing for more than 10 years. I love dreaming up little worlds to put people in and I love getting to know people in this context. Sometimes I’ll ask them to be a character, sometimes I ask them to be themselves, always, I find joy in the magic we are able to make together.


My portraits range from award-winning actors to painters, the occasional pop star, and many of my best friends. In addition to my commercial commissions (with clients including Netflix, Apple TV+, Comcast, and more) I am offering the opportunity to work with me and my team and be immersed in the colorful worlds I create.


What this includes:

-A custom concept that I will creative direct and design for you

-an opportunity to work with me and my team (celebrity hair and makeup artists, Trey Anthony and Chandler West)

A collection of photos, a digital mixed media piece, and a short behind-the-scenes video to recap the experience.


How it works:

-There are limited spots that you must apply for

-click the “inquire” button below to send me a couple of images that best represent you and describe your style and vision for the work we could make together in a couple of words.

-if approved for a slot, my team will contact you for the next steps and to discuss the costs involved.


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